river ice spotters neede in northern illionis

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river ice spotters neede in northern illionis

he National Weather Service office in Romeoville is looking for volunteers to be river ice spotters on the Kankakee , Fox , Du Page , Des Plaines , Rock and Pecatonica Rivers. Spotters on other rivers are welcome to participate . 


 They do not want you to get on the ice , all oberservations must be made from a stable location .


 You will recieve training materials . Internet  access is required as all reports must be submittted by 9 AM Monday morning ,  This program runs fr om 12- t hr 3-31 .


Please contact Andrew Krein at  andrewkrein@noaa.gov or call 815-34-1435 8AM to 8PM .


 Please include


Name, Address, Phone # ,and email . Do so asap as training materials should come out in early November . 


  This is an opportunity to help get flood warnings out to your area for flooding due to ice .

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I have a good friend that lives on the Pec. I remember hearing the ice forming late at night. The next day it was frozen over.



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

Now, that's definitely a deep

Now, that's definitely a deep freeze.