Microfishing Lake Waccamaw

I spent two days and one night microfishing Lake Waccamaw and the surrounding canals. I was surprised to catch 15 species on hook and line, including a Bowfin on 2 pound line. It was a great trip. (Not pictured: Flier, Redear Sunfish)

Species List: 
Bullhead, Yellow
Catfish, White
Killifish, Waccamaw
Mosquitofish, Eastern
Perch, White
Shiner, Coastal
Shiner, Golden
Sunfish, Bluegill
Sunfish, Bluespotted
Sunfish, Dollar
Sunfish, Flier
Sunfish, Redear
Sunfish, Warmouth
Topminnow, Golden


Susquehannock's picture

Cool bunch of fish and in a cool place, too.


taldridge0321's picture

Thanks! I've collected there for several years and also fished. There is so much diversity there. Taillight Shiners are there and super hard to catch, I will have to try again in the Spring.

Graceclaw's picture

What did you get the Bowfin on? A tiny fleck of worm???

2018 Goals:
Quillback (Check)
10#+ Flathead Catfish
5 New Standard Species (Current Count: 6 - Check)

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A live Mosquitofish at night in the canal, we had a few get off as well.