Please add black buffalo,

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black buffalo
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I'm still on the fence as to whether this is a black or smallmouth buffalo. If it is a smallmouth, its the most unique of the 30 or so I've encountered on this river. The first thing noticed was his big wide bullish head. There is a slight, weak keel on the back, but he's more or less cylindrical in cross section. Combine that with an elongated shape and huge, sucker lips and it should be an easy call; but he still looks kinda smallmouth-ish to me. I've included some screenshots of a video.

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Dr Flathead's picture

Sure looks like a Black Buff to me.  Nice catch!

Graceclaw's picture

You should ask tourists for ID next time ;)

Real talk though, you really should get passersby to take pics of you with your catches. You've been slaying them so much recently!

tom's picture

I really wish I would have gotten one with me holding it. I had to hold him against my chest so he didn't flop onto the rocks. He slimed my shirt so bad. Would've been a funny pic.

-and I've since purchased a quality landing net.