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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Today I left my house to squeeze in a short fishing session at one of my favorite small creeks nearby with the intention of walking downstream from the normal spots I fish to scout out some pools and look for darters that arent rainbows. When I got there, to my suprise I found another angler catching bait (this is not a place the average fisherman would  expect to find fish). I was glad to see his hooks were too big to catch most of my little friends in that spot (central stoneroller, white sucker, hognose sucker) devil. I climbed down the small bridge where I parked and started downstream. The first pool I came to had a large snapping turtle sitting right in the center and creek chubs so I moved right on past and continued over 30 yards of riffle to the next decent hole. As I moved around the shallow side of the next pool I peered at a school of fish near an undercut rootwad over the deepest area and to my disbelief I saw a white and orange goldfish amongst the roots, chubs, and small bluegills. I emptied my pockets and got in the pool not expecting any wading on this outing. After about an hour standoff I managed to coax him out of the root dungeon and squeeze my size 28 mustad long shank with a fleck of crawler past the sunfish and he greedily sucked it in. It was such a shock to see this lone goldfish in a wild creek hanging out with chubs and suckers and I was shaking before and after I caught him. (I'll attach a few more pictures on the lifelist entry)


Susquehannock's picture

Nice catch! They can be pretty tough sometimes.

As for how be got there, he probably just got to big for the fish bowl and somebody dumped him in.


andy's picture

An unexpected encounter like that from a stream you think you know very well is a big reason why we keep going fishing, isn't it?  Nice work.

RoughFish's picture

Yes it is Andy, this is one of those spots that I've waded most of its length and am quite familiar with most of the species it holds but it's always worth looking at old spots to see what the floods have brought in each year. There's a Tibetan monastery in the woods along the creek and they have a small pond used for irrigation and gardening that I believe has goldfish in it. I suspect he's an escapee from the monks or possibly some of there spawn made it the short distance to the creek.

Graceclaw's picture

It's not every day that you see a goldfish caught out of a creek - that's awesome, man! Also, I will shamelessly admit that I would have given up on that little bugger LONG before the hour was up. It goes to show what persistence will get you sometimes - well done.

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