Trout, Brown the pyromaniac

Trout, Brown
Tinker Creek (tributary of Roanoke River), Hollins/Roanoke, VA
Date Caught: 
Wednesday, May 15, 2013
1" section of Berkley Gulp nightcrawler


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The spotting on this fish makes me wonder if it might be one of the Ohrid trout from the Marion hatchery, which doesn't usually contribute fish this far east, because it's a little different from the browns I've caught before, but until I can say definitively, we'll call this one a brown.

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Revisited this one last month. Still not 100% convinced it's Salmo trutta.

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Wow, that is a really neat pattern. Definitely looks like some subspecies of Brown Trout - nothing like the ones I've seen or caught.

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I've caught a couple of these. I don't know, kinda bothers me because I know there's something not quite right.