A Greater Day on the Rum

On Saturday, I went to a new spot on the Rum River with Catfish Jr, Fishing Boy, and my brother. The weather was great, and the fish were biting. I got the first fish, a fat white sucker.

Then Catfish Jr got on the board with a nice White Sucker of his own. It was his first ever White Sucker.

Shortly thereafter, he had another bite and felt a fish on the end of the line. He fought it in to the shore, right to his feet while I grabbed the net. Then his brother felt it was his turn to catch a fish, and tried taking the rod out of his hands. After a brief struggle for the rod, I netted it for Catfish, Jr. His first ever Shorthead Redhorse. Fishing Boy was happy to hold it for the picture.

Luckily the next sucker was caught by Fishing Boy, his second ever and PB White Sucker.

As the outing was winding down, and Pizza Hut was calling our names, I had a final bite. It was immediately apparent that I was dealing with the largest fish of the day. It was pulling drag and swimming this way and that. After a short battle, the kids netted it for me and we celebrated my first Rum River Greater Redhorse. Next time we need to make sure my brother gets one, as he was letting us have the best spots most of the time, Thanks Bro!


Species List: 
Redhorse, Greater
Redhorse, Shorthead
Sucker, White


Corey's picture

Those rum river Greaters are the best. And a bunch of fine catches all around.

Susquehannock's picture

Monster white suckers...big shorthead...beast greater. That's a really fantastic day.


Graceclaw's picture

Why is the rum gone?

Just kidding. I love that river so much- glad to see someone else getting out there and enjoying it! Looks like a great day out with people you love.

FP4LifesDad's picture

Great write up and pics big guy, thanks for sharing!

Phil's picture

You men are starting the season off right. Those are some beautiful roughfish!.

Hengelaar's picture

Beautiful Greater.

That river has some of the best looking redhosses around, that's for true.

Fishn sure is neat

Carp Chaser's picture

What a fantastic day on the river and great catches, congrats. Beautiful greater. It's so good when you share the fun with family. 

"There's always a bigger fish"

smurph's picture

White suckers are pretty rare on the Rum... compared to redhorse, from my experience at least.  In the 10+ years I've lived on the Rum I've only caught one white sucker and hundreds of redhorse!  Im suprised you didn't get a big silver, tons of them in there.  Nice fish btw!

Carp Chaser's picture

That's quite strange smurph. There's a good number of white suckers in the Rum, fall is one of the best times to find them but have also caught a few in the summer from different stretches. Maybe this is location or spot related? 

"There's always a bigger fish"

Graceclaw's picture

I've caught a White Sucker almost every time I've fished the Rum. Big buggers, too.

smurph's picture

I must have some immunity or something to fend off white suckers and only catch Redhorse haha.