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Sturgeon, Shovelnose
MN River
Date Caught: 
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
My brother caught one here the other day, so after buying more sinkers, nightcrawlers, and consulting guru Goldy we returned to the same spot today. Two mud puppies later and up came my lifer shovelnose, Yay!!! Mine didn't have the cool tail whip like my brothers and it was alot whiter colored, probably my coolest fish so far except for maybe my longnose gar!
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Dr Flathead's picture

Good job little dude!   Never seen them caught so early in the spring.

FishingPals4Life's picture

Thank you Doc!  What a super cool looking fish!! 8)  We had a lot of weight on cuz it's really hard to hold a spot in the sand in the current, so they didn't fight very hard I'd like to catch one on lighter stuff from a boat, then I'd bet they'd fight like crazy, I can't believe their little tails don't just break right off they are so tiny!