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FIrst off, I dislike Facebook very much.  Now that I've said that, I wanted to let you guys know that we do have a Facebook group for - it's called "Roughfish". -


It's been out there for years.


All I really do with the group is post links to  Of course, many many non-Internet types have found the page and share all kinds of fishy things there and most of them don't ever visit the actual website.  Anything you post on Facebook goes into a veritable black hole and disappears after a period of time, unlike the wonderful website that Corey and I maintain for you guys.  



Anyway, if you didn't already know about the Facebook page, and you have a Facebook account, give it a look.



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It has been said many times. FB is a black hole. 

Roughfish has info that is old and you can search it easily. Look at all the articles. There is a wealth of knowledge.


Lots of cool things get posted on FB page but it is lost shortly after. 

It is all perspective!

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That Facebook page is really different than the main site. There are a lot of people on the Facebook page who aren't on the site, and I also noticed that people weren't as nice on there. It was mostly people giving someone bull for hand grabbing a fish, and I haven't seen so much nastiness on here since Steve Wozniak was mentioned in the forums. Maybe you should paste a link to the main site on the Facebook page.


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I'm with you Andy, I despise FB!

I know it's not nice to profile lol, but I've broken FB down to distinct groups, 1st you have the peeps who keep track of family and friends from afar pics of the grandkids, etc.  that's cool.  2nd you have the peeps who go thru it for funnystuff or interesting ideas, ok that's fine too.  3rd and this is where I don't like it, you get the ones who constantly take pictures of everything they do "oh here's my foot in the sand", "oh here is my husband making supper", "oh here is my drink at the bar" these are the ones who are usually bragging to their friends about how great their life is, which usually means it sucks, because of if were so great you'd be living it instead of taking pictures to convince yourself that you are happy.  4th my least favorite group, the ones that constantly whine about some medical thing or some bad thing that happens to them ........... DAILY!!! Then their groupies come on and it's a whine fest, "oh, your such a good person, oh, God has a plan for special people like you, oh, your such a strong person your in my prayers". blah blah blah blah.  I'm not making light of peoples problems but when they are every single day it's the same crap it gets old really fast (close relative in this category drives me nuts)  sometimes you just have to live life with a little pain.  Anyway my wife started me a FB page many years ago and I have yet to look at it, if I want someone to know what I'm doing, I'll tell them, if they don't know about it there's probably a reason!

"There has never been a generation that so diligently documents themselves daily doing absolutely nothing then the one right now!"

My rant for the day!  I'll stick to here FB is a black hole, criminals love it!  "We are going on vacation for a week, my mom's taking care of the dog, oh and the house key is under the rock by the front door!"  DUH

Dr Flathead
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I dont do the facebook thing

I dont do the facebook thing either.  Too much insanity.  I mean it has its time and place.  Good and bad.  Its just not for me.  Maybe its my mentallity or something.  I still use a flip phone with no internet on it.  I have no gps unit for my car.  I like to fish for suckers in the spring.  I think buffalo are cooler than walleyes.  Am I normal?

Re FB = black hole

Doc posted "Am I normal?" Hope not - here's to all of us who don't cruise FB and don't, or won't, ever have a FB page at all. I lost my good 'ol flip phone on the MTC bus several years ago, and was gleefully, peacefully totally mobile phone free until a "normal" person got me a stupid phone to replace it, and I've been chained to/aggrivated by it ever since - makes a great camera tho - especially for roughfish and nature pics...I'm absolutely not normal, and proud of it dang it!

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Still aint joined it.

Gonna wait to see if it catches on first.

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I hate social media. I don't have a phone of any kind. I fish for suckers in the spring, summer, fall, and sometimes even in the dead of winter. I think that walleye look pretty cool (cue horrified gasp) but I don't fish for them very much. I am definitely not normal.

I learned almost everything I know about Facebook from that link. 

It hasn't caught on yet, but it will, like, like, like, now. (Read that in the highest voice you can muster, pinch your nose, and roll your eyes when you're done.)


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Here's to all of us not consumed by social media that would rather be outdoors fishing for the love of fishing!!

My oldest son took this shot when we were up north chasing the elusive whitefish on a flooded lake, wanted to share it with you folks!

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Facebook is the asshole of

Facebook is the asshole of the internet. Really too bad it's where most good internet shit is shared. I'll be posting a lot more stuff on once the spring fishing begins in earnest. 




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I much prefer this site since

I much prefer this site since the conversations and information tends to be nicer and more reliable. I do like how easy it is to see the pictures of peoples catches on facebook, but at this point the comments have been getting pretty aggressive and that makes me hesitant to participate much on that platform. Regardless, I’m happy to see that size of the roughfish community is growing whether on here or facebook

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Appreciate the comments!

I agree mostly with the feeling that Facebook sucks.  Honestly in that group I mainly post links to this website to increase our traffic and get new members here.  Members are repeatedly told to go post their cool catches and stuff over on the REAL website.  However, many do not because they only browse the Internet on their phones and it's much easier to do it on Facebook.


Definitely a different group dynamicthere than we have here.



Jason E.
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I use a trac phone (my wife's

I use a trac phone (my wife's old unit) and only use it sporadically.  That said, I must admit that I post fish pics on facebook more often, just because I rarely catch something impressive enough to post here!  I usually wait until I've got a collection of stuff, then I post the highlights here, so that I don't bore people with a bunch of average rock bass, shortheads, and channel cats. I definitely learn a LOT more here on about tactics and such.

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Long live

Long live

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AMEN! long live and long live the anti-facebookers 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Mike B
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If I could *like this post I

If I could *like this post I would. Bang on description. I personally find Facebook a chore. There is just too much there and most of it is completely irrelevant to my life ... yet I seem to find myself there every day nonetheless. The worst, aside from the rage/vent posts, are the "If you don't do something-something, I'm going to defriend you" posts. Then buzz off already. I think I'm mainly category no. 1 but sometimes no. 3, I admit.

Now that I'm a member of like 487 groups I rarely look at the Roughfish Facebook page anymore.  I just come here.


mike b

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My plan is to just post

My plan is to just post previews on the FB group, with a link to the main report here on

That should bring some more people on here.




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Eli, that approach is much appreciated.  

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Well, fecesbook is great for keeping track of bands you dig. And for funny stuff. And seeing lots of awesomestuff from nature pages, on the daily. And for a quick, easy share of a pic or two. Without fecesbook, I'd have no real/easy way of having good talks with my transatlantic friends (can't be without those). I'm glad I'm on it for those reasons.


On the other hand, the lookatmeing, lookatmybabying, preaching, attentionwhoring, pretending, dramaqueening, whining, political dreck (from all sides), shareifyouagreeing, 1like=1prayering, terrible grammar and spelling, etc, etc, etc, are all pretty unbearable.


On the third hand, this is 2017, and more and more people do their internetting on their phone, not a computer, and this site is not very "mobile-friendly." And photo sharing is a relative hassle. Not for any of us dudes who actually put some effort in, and have done it before, but it is, compared to that other thing. No way around it, that demotivates newcomers. That probably says more about those newcomers than this site, but the result is the same. They stay away.


On the fourth hand, there ain't no doubt that fecesbook is NOT the place to put an actual report that you put any effort into. Not even a question. That belongs here. The rf group on flehbleh also gets the occasional mouthbreathing bowkiller/snaggerer lumbering in. More often than the real site.


On the fifth hand, and I don't wanna be a negative Nicholas here, but the site hasn't really been/felt the same since the change/upgrade. Lots of stuff from the old site was lost, and that's just a real bummer. There were many awesome Knuth reports, DavidG reports, SKJustin reports (and, yes, even some of mine that I was pretty happy with), that I went back to and remarveled at pretty often. Now all that stuff is gone. And we were told it wouldn't be (OK, that sounds a bit dramatic, but it's true). And there were all the little things that made the previous incarnation of the site so unique and cool. It had its own look and feel. Felt more like home. It's very bland now. That "Well, the forums are still a bit rough." disclaimer has been there since the change, I forget what year that was. I guess this might sound a bit shitty, and we all realize the website doesn't create itself, but they are some genuine feelings. I don't think it's a coincidence that there have been (way) fewer reports in the years since the change.


On the sixth hand, there is something to be said for keeping the brotherhood small. I think so, anyway.


Idunno, just my six hands...

Fishn sure is neat

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My 2 cents

I love this main site, and I would never ever dream of posting a full report anywhere else.

That said, I tend to be like Jason. Most of what I catch isn't particularly report-worthy, but is still cool so I want to share it with people who will appreciate it, so I throw up a few quick pictures on Facebook.

I'm think Mr. Hengelaar is spot-on with the mobile-friendly analysis, but I am also with him in that I don't inherently see it as a problem or something that y'all need to go through the trouble to "fix". If people are serious about their roughfishing, they'll post their reports here, or just lurk. For me, it's really satisfying to write up a thread or report about what I've done- it helps bring the whole experience to a close/to life, and I appreciate the extra effort it takes. That's what this site is about to me- the sharing of those experiences and that effort and love of fish.

Two cents given.

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Six hands and two cents

Thanks for the input, guys, although it was beyond the scope of my original post about FB.  We are very soon upgrading the website's CMS and adding  some core site functionality.  This should help remedy  the mobile deficiencies some.  It will also enable us to run our own merchandising.  More than ever we will be encouraging our community to write and create and share.  More details will come in the next few weeks, but Corey and I appreciate any comments regarding website improvements.  Don't be shy and tell us what you want, because unlike many other fishing websites, is NOT all about the owners - we live and are sustained by our awesome community.


How can we make better?




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More recent comments

The main page used to have the most recent 30 comments, rather than the most recent 10. It allowed me to read once a day and still catch everything (almost everything). Now, I have missed comments (even on my own lifelist posts!) because I can only see 10 and this place has been hoppin' with comments recently so I have been missing content.

I don't know if the decision was made to decrease bot/spam traffic or what, but it has definitely impacted my experience (to be whiny/bring up something that's been mildly bothering me).

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10#+ Flathead Catfish
5 New Standard Species (Current Count: 6 - Check)

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I'm on Facebook, and post

I'm on Facebook, and post fairly often on the roughfish page, but I will agree that it's a black hole as others have said and anything with more than a day or two without activity pretty much disappears. I much prefer the main site if I'm going to post notable catches, make trip reports, write an article, etc. as it stays here forever and can be easily found with minmimal effort regardless of how old it is.

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Comment list

Done, I bumped it back to 30. Last year, the site was getting hit too much so I dialled it back, but finally I had to upgrade the server anyway. Guess I forgot to change that back, thanks for pointing it out.

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Cool!  Thanks Boss, I never

Cool!  Thanks Boss, I never noticed it really, but it is nicer this way!