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South St Paul

Howdy all,

In planning my antics for 2017, I realized that I will probably be doing a fair amount of fishing in South St Paul (as close to Pigs Eye Lake as possible) because my Belgian buddy lives there and is immobile. Looking at Google Maps and consulting The Almighty Google has not yielded much for me so far - it's all intimidatingly industrial.

Does anyone have any locations/spots they'd be comfortable sharing with me, on this thread or via PM? I would really like to give him a diverse Minnesotan roughfishing experience, and will travel places with him, but it would be nice to know that I don't have to drive 1-2 hrs every time I go fishing with him.

I appreciate any help you are willing/able to provide!

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Pig's Eye

Fished Pig's Eye many times; awesome memories from there. I haven't been down there for awhile, but I know a spot.

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Good news!

He's going to be at the Roundup with us- He'll get to really experience redhorse, mud, and spring camping in MN!!!

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There's a place...

The only place I've fished near there is Lion's Levee Park, right next to South St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights. Caught some nice drum, silver redhorse, and lost of cool micros there in the fall. There's a muddy channel between the island you fish from and the shoreline that has redhorse, and the other side of the small island (across the bridge from the parking lot) that has access to the main river. It's a really good spot, I highly recommend it. And I've seen a good deal of fishermen there, so it's not like a secret or anything...

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Dr Flathead
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Yup, Lions levee would be

Yup, Lions levee would be worth a try.  SOme tasty wingdams on the main channel side of the island.  That park is in St. Paul Park between Newport and Cottage Grove. Also right by the south st paul boat launch is some shore fishing area.  Bunch of wingdams down by the rip-rap.  Downstream just a bit from that theres a culvert and some other tasty areas around it.  You could see the culvert from google earth I bet.  Theres a long paved path that takes you back to the area.

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I appreciate the information from all of you- Hopefully you'll see some posts from me about the area this summer!