Fall/Early Winter Summary

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Fall/Early Winter Summary

Hello all! I've been too lazy to post all of my fishing as individual reports, so I figured I'd compile some of my favorite pictures/catches/memories from the last few months. Be warned, this post contains a LOT of pictures.

To start, here's one of my favorite pics of 2016 (as evidenced by my thumbnail/profile pic):

Next up is the unfortunate shorthead who, after savaging my bait, was taken for a ride down a creek by a voracious muskie. I'll get him back for you, brave little shorty!

I took a half-day of PTO to go on a lifelisting/camping trip with Greenwood (Fishingdude14), and after much swearing and missed hookups and miscasts, landed my lifer Shortnose Gar.

We caught lots of cool stuff that trip, but I will be back for a few missed lifers. I did a bunch of fishing with him this year- one of the weekends included my PB Greater (24.5)

I really don't see myself changing my Facebook cover photo to anything else except that first picture for a very, very long time.

Also got this cool bowfin shot. I love how its lighter color blends with the background.

Greenwood really likes creek fishing.

I had a lot of luck this season with redhorse, specifically Silvers. Prior to October of this year, I had only managed one specimen!

I also got a battle-worn one-eyed White.

And a PB tanker

One of my favorite experiences of this whole year, though, was when I got to teach my buddy Timothee how to fish. He had grown up in Belgium without ever seeing a live fish outside of water, and he asked me to change that. His first fish out of the gate was a proper Minnesotan Redhorse.

We caught a ton of fish that day. I think the fish understood the importance of the moment.

After he caught and released that fish, Timothee begged me to take him fishing again. Somewhere in the flurry of fish, I caught 2 more Greaters, one of which makes a great profile picture:

I met up with E-Kol to get some urban carping in, and got this well-lighted pic with a small one

I managed to get out for Sturgeon on election night, because that seemed like the right thing to do.

I got out with the amazing TonyS on his new boat a bit later and shattered my PB with this 55" tagged female

This weekend, Greenwood and I decided to go out for one last (funny joke) hurrah before everything freezes over. We caught tons of feisty, ornery Shorthead

(Note the muddiness- I could never keep mine very clean!)

I got a snowy Silver

He still had tuburcles.....

We doubled up on Silvers that day.

Greenwood's was deformed and awesome

Today we went back, caught a LOT more shortheads, and Greenwood got two Greaters. His second one was pretty tanky.

And that's that, folks. Image dump status: Complete.

I hope most or all of you all got out after some fish this fall! It stayed warm and hospitable for a wonderful, great while.


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Awesome Stuff

All kindsa great fish in there!

Love the redhorse in the snow.

Fishn sure is neat

Kokanee killer
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nice lookin suckers

nice lookin suckers

good fishing

Jason E.
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Great post, but I wanted to

Great post, but I wanted to read more about how using mittens enabled folks to firmly and safely grip their fish!  Your late fall seems more productive than mine, I've managed a few shortheads and catfish here and there, but not much else.

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The primary purpose of the mittens was to keep my hands from falling off. They were especially helpful for the Shortheads, who were all ice-cold and ornery. After holding a few with my bare left hand for unhooking, I realized that the only way I was going to be able to safely and/or comfortably unhook them was to have my left mitten on.

My mittens are more stylish than yours! They are also deerhide, which I feel doesn't do as much damage to the fish's slime.

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Great photos and story, man

Great photos and story, man thanks for sharing.  Congrats on some awesome fishing!!

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Awesome fish.

Awesome fish.

Never seen a kyphotic redhorse before...




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Kyphotic Redhorse

Hey Eli, when I read that I thought maybe that was the band name on FishingDude's shirt. Might be a great name for a grindcore band, anyway.  


I've seen it in a few fish over the years, always weird.  Especially when you filet them; it feels like you need a crooked knife.

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Shorty, we hardly knew ye

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Awesome story

Love the photos. It's nice to see that kind of amazing variety, and quality-sized specimens, too!

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Sweet feesh

Great catches man, Now we gotta get out this spring for that lifelist flattie!

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Did you look to see where the

Awesome! Did you look to see where the tagged sturgeon had traveled?

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Re: Tagged Sturgeon

As far as I know, we haven't heard back from the biologist about her movements. I imagine the guy who handles it is pretty tired of seeing Tony's e-mail pop up in his inbox!

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I still wouldn't jump to calling it female. Satistics have a bent towards female at that size but there are plenty of males out there well into the 50s.  Start talking 65"+ and female becomes a safe bet.   Would be cool if there was an easy way to tell but with individuals only spawning once every 4-5 years or so, you can't even count on late fall - spring females carrying extra girth with eggs


Anyway, last I heard from Joel he was busy wrapping up from open water season field work.  Probably going to be a while before we get any details on the tagged fish from the season.  Going off last year I would think it would be Jan or Feb before I hear.