Killifish ID

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Killifish ID

Over this past summer I went on a familt vacation to the Tampa, area, and of course I fished as much as I could between tourist-y stops. I was recently reviewing my pictures, and came across one of a killifish I had caught that looked different from the rest. All the others I caught I identified to be Gulf Killifish (Fundulus grandis). This one's head appears to have a slimmer, longer shape, and the body is longer than the gulf killis I had caught. It also had a red-ish tale, not a pale one. I would think theres a possibility that this is still a gulf killi, as the body patterning is generally the same. Any help in identifing this fish would be appricated. 

A few Gulf Killifish I caught for comparison. The first one was caught at the same location. The others were caught at different locations.  



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I  think its still a gulf kil

I  think its still a gulf killi, possibly a male.

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looks like a plain ole'  Band

looks like a plain ole'  Banded K...  maybe it traveled South as purchased bait

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Probably another Gulf Killi,

Probably another Gulf Killi, those things are crazy variable.