Bullhead, Brown

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Reason for Disqualification: 
No whisker shot/unidentifiable


FP4LifesDad's picture

Seriously?  There are 3 different species here, I could see how the yellow would be hard to tell, but even if it's not a yellow it certainly isn't a black.

Whatever though, the problem I see is this fish stayed on here since the 12th and now on the last day of the contest (when it's to late to catch another one) it get's disqualified, really man?

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Tony S's black bullhead has the same shot format as this brown, even about the same size, you can see it's whiskers, but you can also see on this one the tail and fins have a reddish tint to them, then go look at FP4LifesMom's closeup of a big brown bullhead from the same lake and see the matching fin colors.

andy's picture

Re-qualified for now.  I will defer judgement on this fish to the other Judges.

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Thanks Andy, I do understand the yellow bullhead pic sucks I should have had him flip it back over so the bottom feelers were visible, the yellows and browns look similar except for the bottom feelers if you want me to change his yellow to a brown because it's definately not a black I can do that too and drop this brown, since it's a baby and the the browns and blacks look similar when they are little.

I'm in the same boat as you, this summer has sucked so far, every weekend it's either a funeral, wedding (aka funeral), graduation, or something that needs to be fixed.  It's 1/3 rd over and it doesn't feel like it should have even started yet.