Saturday, October 19, 2013
Eel, American

After 50+ accumulative hours of effort, I nabbed my first American Eel last night. Coolest fish ever.


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I think it's safe to say the eels are reaching MN waters in good numers. Congrats dude..




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Congrats on an awesome catch! 


The part that amazes me is that so many of these Eels (mine included) all came from one spot.  Eels get caught in other spots in the area but far more rarely.  I'd love to know why that spot has so many more Eels than other good looking spots.  And in a range of sizes too.  It isn't just little ones coming up from the ocean or giant ones that are ready to head back out and spawn.  Everthing from little 20"-ish fish up to 40"+ monsters.  


Gotta be the good Dr and his eel portal...

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Outstanding!  With 50+ hours of angling you really earned that one.  And just in the nick of time.  With all this cold weather eel season might be coming to a close.

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Nice catch.

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Fishn sure is neat

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I'm very jealous.

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Well-deserved and hard-fought! Kudos.

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Ben It was nice to be able to help you out with some pics!


Andy I know how you feel. I have been there for a number of eels caught but it just makes it that much better when we do get to catch one. I may have had one on right after Ben's but we'll never know fish got off and that is just more mystery.

It is all perspective!

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