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Music Interests
<p>I really liked this thread on the old site.</p> <p>Let&#39;s start it anew, with sadness and thankfulness.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Goodbye, Mr. Levon Helm.</p> <p>And thanks for some great tunes.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>They should never have taken the very best.</p>
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Can't go wrong with a little

Can't go wrong with a little Led Zep..

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Interesting music...

Not much I don't like - except hard core grunge/death metal or rap with violent lyrics. I do like everything from Amadeus the great (Wuffie Mozart) to Weird Al to zydeco ~ almost anything in between...but my fav genre is 70's - 80's classic arena rock, and no. 1 favs of all are Petra, Boston and Gordon Lightfoot


Gijs, this one's for you!  Don't look back...


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.357 String Band

here's a band I've been listing to a lot lately - thanks Hengelaar!


Which led me to The Devil Makes Three - another great band:

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Lamb of god, cannibal corpse,

Lamb of god, cannibal corpse, behemoth, deicide, mastodon, tool, and Johnny cash to name a few.

the pyromaniac
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I pretty much listen
I pretty much listen exclusively to Christian music, but only underground (not very radio-friendly) stuff, from all subgenres of rock. My favorites are Joy Electric, Starflyer 59, Bon Voyage, Vigilantes of Love, Blindside, Ninety Pound Wuss, MxPx, Chasing Tomorrow, Selfmindead, The Electrics, The Deadlines, The Swirling Eddies, Lost Dogs, Poor Old Lu, The Orange County Supertones, The Insyderz, Five Iron Frenzy, Stavesacre, Outer Circle, August Burns Red, Unlife, The Almost, Plankeye, POD, Disciple, Ricardo Rodríguez, Marcos Witt, Rojo, Underoath, The Ascendicate, and Head. Outside of the Christian market, much love goes to Weird Al Yankovic... I saw Al in 2000 in Roanoke, Virginia. He played for 4 solid hours!




Let there be fire!

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Have ya seen this one...

Hey Pybro  :)


Have you heard/seen this? It's my absolute fav Weird Al song! (one of my best friend's dad and Weird Al's dad are cousins, and still play in the same polka band in Virginia MN - please note Al's perfect pronunciation (monophthonged low back /O/ and alveolar flap /d/) of "Minnesota" :))


In case you aren't familiar with our local folklore, here is what Al is singin' about (our family took a very similar roadtrip to the one lyricized in the song, about 1976, to see this thing, and even met Mr. Johnson who made it  - it is pretty amazing and well worth the trip - really! ;)



"Can you pull the leviathan in with a fishook?" Job 41: 1


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i can listen to just about

i can listen to just about anything. it really just depends on what mood i'm in


for some of the hard core type stuff, i like between the buried and me, veil of maya, things of that nature. but lately i've been listening to a ton of punk-core bands like touche amore


i listen to a bunch of hip hop too. mostly minnesota groups. atmosphere, doomtree, dynospectrum etc. my favorite is probably astronautlis or p.o.s. and they've done some pretty sweet tracks together


 and then there's bluegrass and folk. i found .357 a few months ago, i really like their sound. i love how big trampled by turtles has gotten, their new album is pretty smooth. I also love gregory alan isakov's music. its some of the most relaxing music i listen to.



thanks for bringing this topic back up G-man.

the pyromaniac
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@Heidi, that's one of my
@Heidi, that's one of my favorites! It's from the album *UHF Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff*, which is one of his better albums despite the movie sucking more than I can express in words.




Let there be fire!

Jason E.
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Eclectic would be the best

Eclectic would be the best word for me.  I guess I'm a multi-species music angler.  My interests come and go, but include 80's rock (Van Halen, Extreme, Stryper), 80's pop (Aha, Duran Duran), 80's country (Oak Ridge Boys, Mandrell sisters), Johnny Cash, 90s Christian Contemporary (D.C. talk, Michelle Tumes), and a bit of grunge (Temple of the Dog).  I used to be a Zepellin fan back in the day, but they've faded from my playlist lately for some reason.  Oh, I also love old-school video game music (NES, SNES, Genesis).

Right now, Extreme is on my "hit list," and I confess to playing this youtube video a lot when taking breaks between grading papers:  Three Sides is an awesome album!

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I like Cake, Ween, NIN, Ministry, Maiden, Rhino Bucket, the normal stuff.  For classical I like Beethoven, Wagner, Grieg, and Mozart's Masonic Funeral Masses.  I like Johnny Cash and Copperhead Road for country.

In general, I tend to be attracted to musicians who produce music that breaks boundaries and disrupts the social order.  I feel that musicians who operate within a genre or are trying to conform to a "genre" are not living up to their potential.  This doesn't mean that I agree with the particular philosophies of the musicians who produce the music - just that I find their presentation and talent powerful and good to listen to.  Which means I like music that either creates a new genre or who fail to produce a new genre and thus suck.  My music taste sucks.  So my favourite musicians are fairly esoteric.

My all-time top favotire bands (with a link to a few songs from each) are:



Flight of the Valkyries


Fields of the Nephilim

Last Exit for the Lost



Chord of Souls





My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

The Devil Does Drugs

A Daisy Chain For Satan

Cooler Than Jesus


Mozart Masonic Funeral Mass

Le Concert d'Astrée-Louis Langrée

Masonic Funeral Mass


Sisters of Mercy



Lucretia, My Reflection


Johnny Cash

Folsom Prison Blues

Hurt - Nine Inch Nails Cover


Nine Inch Nails


Head Like a Hole


The Orb

Little Fluffy Clouds


Man Or Astro-Man?

Planet Cillision

9 Volt




Bela Lugosi's Dead

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Release the slide to cleanse inside

Lately, I've been very much in this sort of mood: (2:00-2:30 is my favorite part, turn that sh!t waaaaaay up)


I find it soothing.

Fishn sure is neat

Jason E.
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So Hengelaar, Slayer is

So Hengelaar, Slayer is soothing?  What do you listen to when you want to get hyped up?  Slayer records on 78 rpm?


the pyromaniac
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@Wormhunter, good call on
@Wormhunter, good call on Michelle Tumes, she has a great sound! And if I can mellow out to Alice Cooper, Ninety Pound Wuss, and Underoath, I think Hengelaar can mellow out to anything he wants!




Let there be fire!

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I'll listen to just about

I'll listen to just about anything as long as it falls under the rocknroll umbrella and isn't over-produced.

Fleet Foxes


Deke Dickerson










Legendary Shack Shakers


Mad Sin


...this makes me realise I like a lot of bands that start with M...ah well..







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Man or Astroman?!

Awesome!  Not everyday I see somebody else mention Man or Astroman? - I love that stuff.  I'll have to check out some of those other ones I haven't listened to before...

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have heart will always be a

have heart will always be a favorite of mine. they are kinda alternative rock/ hardcore great music to start of the day to.i cant find any studio versions of this song but i did find the video of them playing it at their last home show in boston. i would have killed to be in that crowd

have heart- watch me rise


another favorite will always be brand new. every album they have made is an absolute masterpeice. this tracks on their most recent. they are actually playing a festival here in st. paul soon.


brand new - at the bottom


another favorite would have to be snowing. unfortunately they broke up last year but they still have quite a bit of music out there to enjoy even if they are no longer making new stuff.



i do love bluegrass and folk quite a bit. here is an incredible artist im sure a few of you probably already know. tallest man on earth. this guy is an incredible guitar player and writes some of the most beautiful songs.


tallest man on earth- where do my bluebirds fly


i like a wide variety depending on the mood im in. others i like are: the acacia strain, eyedea & abilities, atmosphere, carissa's weird, molotov solution,  promise ring, m83, LFO, abigail williams, motion city soundtrack, windmill, the used, defeater, cruel hand, emmure, placebo, radiohead, die antwoord, crystal castles etc.. 


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I have a variety of interest

I have a variety of interest in music but my favorites right now are:

Dallas Holm--Rise Again

and this one.

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I'm with hangelaar slaying is

I'm with hangelaar slayer is soothing especially live! Most of my death metal puts me in a calm and relaxed mood.

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Slayer x 800

Heard this? It's old, but maybe some Slayer fans haven't heard it:

Wish the higher quality version could still be downloaded. It probably had more low end than the streaming version. This with massive low end could crush a person.


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Too many bands to list...

I've always found death metal to be incredibly hypnotic. 

I listen to metal, industrial, and some rock. I enjoy a bit of electronic music too, but don't really actively seek it out.

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The Pine Box Boys

I stumbled across The Pine Box Boys yesterday - interesting and worth a listen.  I'm not 100% sold on their stuff but how can you say no to an evil science experiment that creates a Bluegrass version of The Misfits?



A little Blood-Grass for your Friday:

The Pine Box Boys  "Stab" -

The Pine Box Boys  "Pardon Me Ginger" -

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Nice list Deftik, I can dig

Nice list Deftik, I can dig it.  I mostly listen to  hard core grunge/death metal or http://wwwrap with violent lyrics. If not that its death metal and rap/hip hop/R&B with terrible lyrics. Shizit like this...... and this

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Hank iii
In a spot, hank seems to help at the moment.



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I found the following song

I found the following song really impact my life.  The video along with the words really spells out the love God has for us.  Wow!!!



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Schäffer The Darklord

I've been listening to a bit of Schaffer The Darklord lately.  Hard to describe accurately - he used to play drums in metal band, now he is a self described as a "rappist" - he cites Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) and MCA (Beastie Boys) as major influences - and I guess if you can imagine a merge of the Dead Kennedys (or maybe the Misfits) and the Beastie Boys then that would be accurate-ish.  Not normally a rap/hip-hop fan but the lyrics and delievery of this stuff is awesome - then again I wouldn't really call this rap/hip-hop anyway, just has some similarities.


Listen to these 5 first - generally NSFW:

  1. The Tin Man - dark take on the wizard of oz

  2. The Rhyme of Lord Nordak - story of an ancient Norse warlord, not sure if Schaffer made up this character or not

  3. I am Schaffer The Darklord - story of the creation of Schaffer's stage persona

  4. Supervillain - the most important person in a superhero story

  5. H-mail - a little self depreciating humor

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Probably should include

Probably should include Schaffer's The Rappist - since it has an actual music video and does a little to describe Schaffer's music as well - also NSFW

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I dig it Tony

I dig it Tony


I saw this dude last night and it was phenomenal


I've also been really vibing off these fellas as of late. Gotta love that Kazoooooooo



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I was pretty impressed by Ben

I was pretty impressed by Ben Caplan when I saw him a few weeks back. Great music, great lyrics, great beard!






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And when he at the mic you don't go next:


Can't nobody hold a candle for wordsmithery.


Fishn sure is neat

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Oh please - supervillians are

Oh please - supervillians are like ice cream, you can never have too many different kinds.  Nice though!  I'll have to give more of that a listen.


I dunno if STD really qualifies as a supervillian, he only does what the black box tells him to do.  Like the devil on your shoulder, or even The Other Devil (NSFW)


Speaking of the devil whispering in your ear - The Devil's Train by The Lab Rats is pretty solid too

Deftik's picture I don't think I'll ever stop listening to this song. Two amazing artists...
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Forgot about Streetlight,

Forgot about Streetlight,


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Can't pick a fav streetlight

Can't pick a fav streetlight song they're all good

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Chris Cornell
Dr Flathead
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Even post haircut Cornell is

Even post haircut Cornell is still easy to listen to.  But old Soundgarden is the bomb

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Fuck yeah that man has some

Fuck yeah that man has some fuckin pipes yo...


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I found myself at the bottom of a utube K-Hole the other night being creeped out by Raining Blood.  I think I need rehab.  Or more ...

the bearded angler
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Just a sample of what i listen to

Music, i've been playing instruments since i was 3, can't read music but haven't met an instrument i couldn't play. I will listen to anything except for mainstream country and 95% of pop music. the rest is fair game. Bluegrass and metal being my favorites.

Canadian acts worth a listen to.

Rush,Nomeansno (awesome canadian punk band like no other), Electro quarterstaff (insanely good ), Strapping Young Lad (bring on the skullet), Kataklysm, Hayden (awesome canadian folk music)

Rest of the world.

Behemoth, High on fire, Origin, Soilent Green, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Ministry, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Ralph Stanley, Old Crow Medicine Show, (anything pre 2009), Mr Bungle, Soundgarden, blah blah blah the list could go on and on

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Is it just me or do coarse an

Is it just me or do coarse anglers have the best taste in everything? I can listen to most anything that isn't rap or pop related, but I suppose I'm mostly into metal.

A few of my favorites are: Tyr



and many others.