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Alexander Moose Bigmouth Sleeper - Gobiomorus dormitor


The Bigmouth Sleeper Goby is one of the largest gobies in the world, reaching over two feet in length and several pounds in weight. This is a diadromous fish that lives most of its life in coastal rivers and swamps. It is found in the Carribean sea, Coastal Puerto Rico, and the gulf from southern Texas to Brazil, along with the brackish swamplands and sluggish rivers of south Florida. Although usually born in coastal brackish or saltwater areas, it typically lives its entire adult life in fresh water.


Other Names: Bigmouth Sleeper, Bigmouth Goby, Giant Goby, Guabine





The bigmouth sleeper has a long, torpedo-shaped body with a big, flat head.  Bulbous eyes protrude from the top of the head. It has a big, mean-looking mouth with an underslung jaw. The overall color is brownish olive, peppered with blck spots and blotches. This species has a cavernous mouth - hence the name "Bigmouth". They can swallow surprisingly large prey - even a moderately large bigmouth sleeper can swallow prey items up to six inches long with ease.


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