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Bros somehow I got some more old ID action.  This was same spot I got the Emerald Shiner, Cayugo Creek in Buffalo NY last August.  Another egregious overlook of a fish lol.  I found it today after deciding to go back thru some Darter...
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Peeling Line

Blue Bowfin

I am just wondering about catching blue bowfin.  Anyone know when the best time to do it is (water temp etc)?  My friend shared a couple pictures with me and one was from August 31, from a local oxbow, and it had blue fins.  I was under...
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What kind of bullhead? Caught in the fresh water portion of the Mullica River in Southern New Jersey. I know the river has an abundant white catfish population, and previously thought these smaller brown cats...
14 comments 1 month 3 weeks ago
Tyler W's pictureTyler W

Social Distance Fishing

Who here is taking advantage of the coronavirus to do more fishing? Between working from home, and two kids who keep asking to go, I am finding more time to hit the river banks.    The only problem is, the parks seem full. People keep...
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Hello everyone!

Hi Everyone! I am excited to have come across this forum! So far I have uploaded rough fish, though I am going to flesh out my lifelist soon. I enjoy fishing for any kind of fish, and am blessed to be in northern Ohio, with access to ponds,...
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