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Captain Brandt's pictureCaptain Brandt

cape Coral florida

hi.  looks like im going to be spending a week in Cape Coral Florida early summer.  anybody familiar with the area? Im going to be fishing the canals and probably do some in shore fishing as well.  (got two days with a charter)....
4 comments 1 month 1 week ago
Zero's pictureZero

northern Connecticut

Monday's catch: White Sucker. Two of them. About 14 or 15 inches. Good fight, getting them in. Of course, they went straight back into the pond. (How about some TROUT, though?) Mine were caught in northern Connecticut. Freshwater Pond has been stocked...
4 comments 1 month 2 weeks ago

Tyler W

Metro Area Redhorse Spawning

I have been fishing a TwinCities Metro area stream pretty intensively this last week. This weekend the redhorse were in full spawning mode. Males are tubed up and ready to go.        The shorthead redhorse are...
1 comments 1 month 2 weeks ago
Captain Brandt's pictureCaptain Brandt

old photos

I'm new to the community.   I was wondering what is the general consensus on adding old photos from a few years ago to the lifelists?  example, back in 2013 I was in Alaska and caught a few Arctic Grayling up there....
3 comments 1 month 2 weeks ago

Tyler W

Minnesota Two Line Fishing Bill A heads up to all the Minnesotians that a Two Line Fishing Stamp was included in the Senate Environmental Bill. ...
9 comments 1 month 4 weeks ago