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Jimbeam182's pictureJimbeam182

Using pack bait in minnesota

Hey I’m from Minnesota and I can’t find anywhere if it is illegal to use a method feeder with pack bait to catch carp can anyone help me, I don’t want to break the law.
3 comments 1 week 1 day ago
Goldenfishberg's pictureGoldenfishberg

Contest Injuries!

Hey all ya'll crazy roughfishin' maniacs! How many of you have hurt, injured, maimed, cut, sliced, stabbed, poked, pricked, or prodded yourselves this contest? Let's get a list of injuries going, maybe send a teddy bear to the angler most injuried at the...
11 comments 1 week 1 day ago
Lepomis's pictureLepomis

Request for inclusion of Sunshine Bass, M. chrysops × M. saxatilis in Spring Species contest.

My wife (tucunare) and I both caught a couple beautiful Hybrid stripers (a.k.a."Sunshine Bass") on Lake Conroe today. While not naturally occurring fish in our waters (just as Coho and Chinook shouldn't be in the Great Lakes), they provide great sport in...
4 comments 1 week 1 day ago
Gunnar's pictureGunnar

Possible to get the "track" feature back?

I used it a lot to find out about replies to topics I'd started or commented on. My kids also like it because they can find out if anyone commented on their lifelist or contest photos. Any chance you can remove the personal info/addresses...
0 comments 1 week 3 days ago
the pyromaniac's picturethe pyromaniac


A few years ago we had a thread about what everybody was listening to, and a lot of you guys were mentioning Trampled by Turtles.  If anybody is in the area in mid-July they're headlining a festival in Virginia.     https://www....
3 comments 1 week 6 days ago