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Great Catches 2018!

Let's see all of your favorite catches from the past year.  Add a story about them too!  At the end of the month we will put together some kind of Front Page highlight with everybody's photos so that we can look back and remember all the...
26 comments 1 month 3 days ago


Should cephalopods count towards a lifelist?

Would catching a Cephalopod on rod and reel count towards a species on a lifelist? What's your opinion on this?  
19 comments 1 month 1 week ago
uconn fishhead's pictureuconn fishhead

Gag or Black Grouper?

Hi,      I decided to do a little policing of my own fish ID's. So, now I've confused myself about how much variation in color and pattern to expect between a Gag and Black Grouper.  I'm almost 100% certain the first photo...
1 comments 1 month 3 weeks ago


Grass Pickerel

Hello, I am new to this forum. I am in the Chicago, IL area. Do any of you know where I could catch a Grass Pickerel in the Northern IL area? I would really appreciate it and I really want to catch this species. Thanks!
2 comments 1 month 4 weeks ago


carp fishing south texas

anyone south of san antonio carp fish ?? i
1 comments 1 month 4 weeks ago