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Captain Brandt's pictureCaptain Brandt

old photos

I'm new to the community.   I was wondering what is the general consensus on adding old photos from a few years ago to the lifelists?  example, back in 2013 I was in Alaska and caught a few Arctic Grayling up there....
3 comments 2 weeks 2 days ago

Tyler W

Minnesota Two Line Fishing Bill A heads up to all the Minnesotians that a Two Line Fishing Stamp was included in the Senate Environmental Bill. ...
9 comments 3 weeks 5 days ago
andy's pictureandy

2019 Spring Species Contest Shirts Available!

2019 Spring Species Contest shirts are available for sale! This awesome shirt designed by Gunnar is guaranteed to make you catch 11% more species than a regular shirt. This shirt can be used as the control item during the June contest, instead of...
2 comments 4 weeks 2 hours ago
Goldenfishberg's pictureGoldenfishberg

Lil’ Easter (or Passover) angling action

After much gorging on feast items on this day of Passover/Easter my old man and I joined my dear friend and fellow angler Ryan for some much needed creek carp fishing. With full bellies we trod down to a local creek by Ryan’s house. We had sharp hooks...
8 comments 1 month 18 hours ago
Casey Shanaberger's pictureCasey Shanaberger

Black Buffalo?

Caught this buffalo in a local stream, not sure on the exact species. Was hoping I could have the experts chime in. Giveaways/Characteristics that I see: Lips The lips are much fleshier than the smallmouth buffalo I have caught out of...
3 comments 1 month 19 hours ago