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BradleyR's pictureBradleyR

Tilapia ID

Hey guys, any Tilapia gurus among us? I'm still trying to figure out this bigger individual... right now I'm leaning towards some sort of hybrid, but if anyone knew more about the genus, help would be much appreciated! Caught in Puerto Plata on my...
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West Canada Trip

Hey Guys! I'm new to and it feels like I found this place in a great time, because I'm planning a trip to west Canada in June and looking around this forum I get the feeling that this is a great place to make some connections and a great...
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okcaveman's pictureokcaveman

Rough/micro fishing presentation

The Oklahoma wildlife department puts on an annual wildlife expo to try and garner more interest in the outdoors. Many many booths are set up detailing the myriad things one can do in the outdoors, and many educational booths. I plan to do a roughfishing...
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andy's pictureandy

Rough Waters Article - Raccoon River, Iowa

Casey Shanaberger submitted a great write-up on one of the rivers of Iowa that he knows like the back of his hand.  Check it out!   Raccoon River
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Tyler W

Winter keiryu fishing

I made a tactical error. I have a keiryu pole arriving on Monday. I really should have waited until spring to buy a pole almost 18' long. But what is done is done. Obviously I need to find something to catch with it. It can't just lean it in a...
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