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Ultimate Summer Fishing Challenge Rules

We at roughfish.com have devised a new challenge for all of us to undertake during the Coronavirus pandemic. A ten-week challenge.

How to upload images and add them to a post or article

Since I've had a few messages asking for help adding images to a forum post, I thought I'd create a quick tutorial on how I go about doing it.

Instructions for the 2015 Spring Species Contest!

These are the instructions for participating in the roughfish.com 2015 Spring Species Contest. Please read the rules and enjoy this fun and challenging competition!

The story of "The Stick" The Story of The Stick

It all started one fateful midsummer night on the St. Croix River. Four intrepid roughfishers were night fishing for catfish

Lifelist Rules

Rules for using the lifelist system.  This is to make it a level playing field for everybody and bring the lists up to one single standard.

Roughfish Bingo Rules

Roughfish Bingo Rules

Posting Pics

A quick screenshot-based tutorial by Kernel J to help people post pics into the new system!

Fishing Lifelist Lifelist Tutorial (updated)

The lifelists are a big part of this website.  To help people adapt to the new system, I've developed this tutorial.  It walks you through creating a lifelist step-by-step.

Roughfishing FAQ

An explanation of the basic tenets of this website.  Our philosophy is that all species of fish are valuable and worthy of sporting interest and conservation.



The Roughfisher's Glossary